Join Seattle Enlightened Community Chat

To register with the community chat, you will need:

  1. A G+ account
  2. An email address (this information will be visible to other users in our chat client)

It's ok (and quite common) to make a fake, Ingress-specific G+ profile using an Ingress-specific email address - consider making separate accounts for your in-game persona if you'd like to protect your real-world identity.

To kickstart the process, you can also join the Seattle Enlightened G+ community.


What happens next?

  • You'll be taken to a Google authorization page to grant our verification app temporary access to see your G+ identity.
  • If your browser isn't currently logged into your Google account you'll first be prompted to log in. If you're using a separate Google account for your Ingress identity, be sure to pick that account when asked to grant the app verification.
  • We'll use that account to contact you privately (if necessary) and verify you for the Seattle Enlightened Slack chat.